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Introducing the Metaversal Library for the Future of Immersive Learning

Dr. Ryan Straight
Assistant Professor of Practice
Applied Computing & Cyber Operations

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The Plan for Today

  1. Who’s this guy?
  2. The State of XR in Education
  3. Want vs Have
  4. What’s Karu?
  5. Problems and Solutions
  6. Use Cases
  7. The Future

Who is this guy?

Dr. Ryan Straight

Assistant Professor of Practice
Applied Computing & Cyber Operations
Lab Director
College of Applied Science and Technology
University of Arizona



Mixed Augmented ViRtual eXtended Reality Lab

  • College’s first lab
  • One year old
  • Broad concept of XR
  • Holographic video, NFTs, AR training, more.

Extended Reality in Education

XR and Online Learning

Before asking what, let’s ask why.

Specifically, why XR in online learning.

Is XR in Education Effective?

  • Meta-analysis, 2013-2019.
  • It is effective.
  • It is nascent.

Do students enjoy it?

  • Sure do!
  • More motivated, for one.


  • What skills do teachers have in ICT areas?
  • Literature review: not XR.


  • It’s effective.
  • Students enjoy it.
  • Teachers lack the skills.
  • But there’s more to it.

Secondary Considerations

  • Student data
  • Privacy
  • Ease of use
  • Funding
  • Fidelity
  • Ownership
  • Safety

What we have vs what we want

What We Have

What We Have (Continued)

  • virtual reality: 1
  • VR: 1
  • immersive: 2*
  • immersion: 1
  • augmented reality: 0
  • extended reality: 0*

What is Karu?

The Name

  • Charun (or Charu, Karun) was an Etruscan psychopomp.
  • Shepherded across realities.
  • That’s our goal.

What is Karu?

  • Knowledge base
  • Social network
  • Content hub
  • Collaboration space
  • More

Use Cases

Use case 1: Education

  • Students enjoy XR.
  • It’s a powerful teaching medium.
  • Teachers don’t know how to create it.

Use case 2: Sharing

  • Artist: share your designs and projects.
  • Educator: share your materials and reviews.
  • Company: share your needs and find developers.
  • Researchers: share your findings and questions.

Use case 3: Connection

Use case 4: The Repository

  • This is what it all comes to, eventually.
  • A central location for all things XR.
  • Lesson plan? Go for it.
  • 3D model of a heart? Gotcha.
  • Review of the new Pico headset? Yup.
  • An XR library in XR.

Tech Solutions to People Problems


Problem: public often means vulnerable.

Solution: people.


Problem: on the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.

Solution: zero-trust and self-sovereign identity.


Problem: not all projects should public. Not all assets are ready.

Solution: full control.

Content Ownership and Monetization

Problem: who owns what?

Solution: immutable records.

The Future

The Platform, Itself

  • Web3
  • Self-Sovereign Identities
  • Creator-Owned Assets
  • Privacy-focused
  • Learning Prioritized

XR Learning

So what do we need?

  • Training
  • Resources
  • Access
  • Community