Dr. Straight at Virtual Worlds Forum

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The theme of this event was Into the Metaverse. As more of the “big-hitters” in the extended reality (XR) Industry express their vision, interest, and investment in the next disruptive platform, the “Metaverse” has become a common expression of what that will be. How that will impact the way people learn, train, live, work, socialize, travel, and entertain within the next decade is important for us to understand, prepare for, and leverage.

Thursday, November 4, 2021 01:00 PM — 01:30 PM
College of Applied Science & Technology

Dr. Straight gave an introduction to a secret project at the 2021 Virtual Worlds Forum, an invite-only event to engage government, higher education, industry, and the military in all things XR.

Ryan Straight
Ryan Straight
Associate Professor of Practice in Applied Computing and Cyber Operations

Dr. Ryan Straight is an award-winning educator, writer, and researcher. He currently serves as an Associate Professor of Practice at the University of Arizona in the College of Applied Science & Technology teaching in the Applied Computing and Cyber Operations undergraduate programs. He also teaches an annual freshman seminar, Life in the Metaverse, in the Honors College. As of summer 2021, he is the director of the MA{VR}X Lab.