Submitting a Project to the Lab

Questions on how to submit a project to the lab? Look no further!

February 10, 2022

The entire reason the MA{VR}X Lab exists is to produce human-focused and applied research products and services. To that end, we encourage project submissions, so we can help however possible, whether that’s providing consultation, advising, equipment, software, or just a place to work.

What kinds of projects does the lab accept?

We are currently open to pretty much anything but are focusing on VR and AR projects as that is what the lab is currently equipped for.

Does my project idea have to be fleshed out or funded?

Neither! Obviously, if your project is funded and you want to partner with the lab, that’s fantastic. If you’re just in the initial ideation stage, that’s also great. We’re here to help.

I’m a student in (insert class or independent study here) and have a project idea that involves (VR/AR/XR/etc). Can I work with the lab on this?

Absolutely! For students that aren’t working for or in the lab, this is actually ideal. Work with your instructor before submitting a project.

How do I submit a project to the lab?

Use this form to submit a project. Submissions are currently only open to those in the University of Arizona community. If you are outside the institution, you’ll need your UArizona sponsor/collaborator to submit the project. Alternately, scan the provided QR code.

Project submission form QR code

I’ve submitted a project. What’s next?

Upon submitting the project, one of the lab staff will verify it and add it to the project tracker. You are then free to schedule time in the lab, request support, and do whatever else you need to do for your project. You will be assigned a lab worker as a point-of-contact that can help you schedule time, work with equipment, and so on.

Where’s the project tracker?

The project tracker is a Microsoft List that’s tied to our lab’s Microsoft Team. Once you’ve been added to the Team, you’ll have access to and find the Project Tracker tab in the project-updates channel. If you’ve submitted a project and it’s been approved, you’ll receive an email with a link to edit your own projects within that List.


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