POAP: Proof of Attendance Protocol

Via POAP on Medium

Here at the MA{VR}X Lab, we believe people should get credit for the things they do. This includes engaging with the lab! We’ve adopted POAP as a mechanism for achieving this.

What is POAP? Check out What is POAP? by Cooper Turley over on Medium. We’ve put together our own brief introduction, as well, that explains just how we’ll be using it (or, planning to, anyway!).

See the Related links below that outline just how and why we’re getting involved with this amazing little community-driven project.

Ryan Straight
Ryan Straight
Associate Professor of Practice in Applied Computing and Cyber Operations

Dr. Ryan Straight is an award-winning educator, writer, and researcher. He currently serves as an Associate Professor of Practice at the University of Arizona in the College of Applied Science & Technology teaching in the Applied Computing and Cyber Operations undergraduate programs. He also teaches an annual freshman seminar, Life in the Metaverse, in the Honors College. As of summer 2021, he is the director of the MA{VR}X Lab.